International conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (ICRAMC-2017)


International conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (ICRAMC-2017) is organized by the Department of Chemistry, SRM University with support from DST-SERB, Government of India, Indian National Science Academy and in association with IRD India during 15-17February 2017.The conference is chaired by Dr M. Arthanareeswari, Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry and Dr. P.Kamaraj, Professor, Department of Chemistry.

On the morning of February 15th 2017, ICRAMC-2017 started with formal registration. The inaugural ceremony then commenced with recital of the invocation and the programme was followed by lighting of ceremonial lamp (kuthuvilakku) by the dignitaries present on the dais. The technical sessions of ICRAMC-2017 started with Prof. M. Arthanareeswari, Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry and also the convener of the conference formally giving the welcome address. Dr. D. John Thiruvadigal, Dean Sciences, SRM University, gave the presidential address by appreciating the efforts put by Department of Chemistry and in specific Prof. Arthanareeswari and Prof. Kamaraj who made this workshop a possibility. He then mentioned that the area of material chemistry is perhaps one of the fastest growing areas of science. He also mentioned how material chemistry plays a role in the area to tailor materials with desired functionalities for applications in emerging technologies. Then, the chief guest of the inaugural function, Dr. K. Baskar, Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundarar University, was introduced by Prof P. Kamaraj, Department of Chemistry, SRMU.

Dr. K. Baskar, Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University released the conference proceedings which was received by other dignitaries and then he delivered the inaugural address for the conference. He stressed upon the primary objective of this workshop which was to give a sound exposure to the postgraduate students and research scholars who are working in the field of material science. In his talk he stressed the importance of understanding the basic concepts of chemistry of materials and how this understanding translates in appreciating the electronic, optical and electrical processes which occurs in the materials used in devices for energy storage and other emerging electronic applications. On this great occasion, he guided and motivated the young researchers on how to carry out quality research work. The words of motivation of the chief guest Dr. K. Baskar, Vice –Chancellor, MS University gave so much of energy and motivated the students, faculties and the researchers to think innovatively in the field of material chemistry. He concluded by wishing the conference a grand success. Prof. Dr. Masakazu Anpo, Osaka Prefecture University and Dr. Yun Suk Huh, INHA University, Republic of Korea graced the occasion. Dr. J. Arockia Selvi, Coordinator of ICRAMC-2017 proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the organizing committee.

ICRAMC-2017 will provide an excellent platform for the researchers to showcase and share the latest developments in the field of material chemistry. More than 250 researchers from India and all over the world has come together for talks and discussions on a wide variety of topics on the recent advances in the frontier area of material chemistry. The Conference programme encompasses the following cutting edge research topics related to material chemistry: Advanced energy materials, drug delivery systems, functional materials, composite and hybrid materials, surface coatings, bio materials and bio devices etc.

The Conference features invited and contributed talks as well as poster sessions. The invited speakers are globally recognized experts in their respective fields. Enthusiastic response was received all around – 300 full manuscripts were received. 248 papers were accepted after a thorough peer review procedure. The accepted papers were distributed in 11 oral Sessions and rests were distributed in poster sessions. The accepted research papers will also be published in journals including ‘Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier) and IJACSA.

Department of Chemistry, SRM University has put in incredible effort for making the International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (ICRAMC-2017)a reality and it is anticipated that ICRAMC-2017 will provide a rich platform for participants to share and discuss their recent research findings related to material chemistry and also will help in crystallizing future research collaborations.

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