Professor Harald Zur Hausen, Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine 2008, a German virologist credited with the discovery of papilloma viruses that cause cancer of the cervix, will be delivering the Inaugural Nobel Laureate Lecture, 'Prevention of Cancers Linked to Infections,' at the national level Indian Genetics Congress 2015 organised by Genetic Engineering Association, SRM University, from 4 to 6 March, 2015.

Professor Harald zur Hausen, from Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Germany, studied Medicine at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg and Düsseldorf and received his M.D. in 1960. He received 15 honorary MD and Ph.D. doctorates from the Universities of Chicago, USA, Umeå, Sweden, Prague, Czech Republic, Salford, UK, Helsinki, Finland, Erlangen-Nürnberg and Würzburg, both Germany, Ferrara, Italy, Buenos Aires, Argentine, Madrid, Spain, Melbourne, Australia, Salerno, Italy, Los Angeles, USA, Madrid, Spain, and Jerusalem, Israel. He received various national and international awards, among them the Robert-Koch-Price, the Charles S. Mott Price of the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation, the Federation of the European Cancer Society’s Clinical Research Award, the Paul-Ehrlich-Ludwig Darmstätter-Price and the Jung-Price, Hamburg, to mention a few.

Professor Zur Hausen's specific field of research is the study of oncoviruses. His path breaking research led to the hypothesis that human papillomavirus play an important role in the cause of cervical cancer.

He later went on to identify HPV16 and HPV 18 in cervical cancers, as a result of which it became possible for a vaccine to be developed in 2006, against the third most frequent kind of cancer affecting women. Professor Zur Hausen is also credited with the discovery of the virus causinggenitalwarts (HPV 6) and a monkey lymphotropic polyomavirus that is a close relative to a recently discovered human Merkel cell polyomavirus.

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