SRM University boys top all charts

4ZE Racing from SRM University in Chennai emerged the champion of the second season of Formula Green at the Kari Motor Speedway circuit in Chettipalayam here recently.

The 4ZE boys, besides sealing the championship, finished on top in skidpad, autocross and endurance events.

Formula Green, organised by the Indian Society of New Era Engineers (ISNEE), is a contest formulated to enhance the approach of students practising engineering and diploma disciplines.

Fundamentally, it is all about fabricating a Formula car without any direct or indirect involvement of professionals.

The participating teams had to prove their skills in three phases - design submission, in-house technical inspection and the final round, where every round was of the qualifying type.

After a tough grind, nine teams made the grade for the grand finale.

The final round had a series of static and dynamic tests, which was all the more exciting.

The technical inspection consisted of various aspects like design considerations, manufacturability, selection of materials to name a few. It was followed by design evaluation, business plan and cost evaluation.

Dynamically, the cars were tested for braking, acceleration, skid pad, autocross and endurance. The technical inspection and the brake test had to be cleared by all the teams to participate in the dynamic test.

Four teams cleared it and went in for the dynamic tests such as skid pad and autocross.

But at the end of it all, it was 4ZE racing from the SRM University that enjoyed the lion’s share.

The business plan and best design and runner-up went to Team OJAS of VIT, Vellore.

ISNEE is an organisation that provides a platform for diploma and engineering students to follow their passion and enthusiasm and, with it, gain technical and managerial expertise.

It has conducted various design challenges such a Go Kart Design Challenge, Quad Torc, Formula Green and has organised various industrial trainings and workshops across the country as per the students requirements.