SRM's biggest dual mosaic portraits enter Indian Book of Records

Students of Rubik's club of SRM University today created a new record by making biggest dual mosaic portraits of late Indian Astronaut Kalpana Chawla and Taj Mahal, the the ivory-white marble mausoleum at Agra. The students, under the guidance of the Directorate of Students and Campus Life of SRM University at suburban Kattankulathur,, created the biggest mosaic using 6000 Rubik's cubes. The mosaic portrait of Kalpana Chawla was to commemorate the International Women's Day and that of Taj Mahal to spread awareness on preservation of monuments. The idea of this unique record was mooted and executed by 35-member teamof students led by final engineering student Abhijeet Ghodgan Kar and second year student Shivam Sharma. The mosaic was successfully completed in a span of 2 hours 45 Minutes. The event was held in the presence of Vivek Raja of the Indian Book of Records. UNI GV CS 1533