Secretariat’s Press Release

Secretariat’s Press Release

The biggest Model United Nations in India, SRM MUN, scheduled to take place at SRM University, Chennai on 2nd, 3rd and 4th March 2012, is just a few days away and the preparations are in full swing. The Secretariat was elected on purely democratic basis by the standard voting according to which the secretariat is as follows:

Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan- Secretary General

Mohita Gupta- Director General

Aruj Arora- Deputy Secretary General

Gaurav Mendiratta -Charge d’ Affairs

The Selection was followed by a Press Conference which covered the following points:

#Change of Agenda for the Security Council at SRM MUN 2012

“The agenda for the Security Council has been changed from the ‘Case of Golan Heights’ to ‘Situation in Syria’. This is in view of the recent developments which have taken place in the region, as “The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterates that all violence is unacceptable and must cease immediately from all sides and he reiterated his strong conviction that the crisis in Syria can only be solved through a comprehensive peaceful political solution that addresses the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people and ensures the full respect of their human rights and fundamental freedoms, and therefore to be dealt with immediately.

#Expansion of International Press

Aruj Arora stated that “

 The International Press Delegation serves the role of Press Corps at SRM MUN 2012 and aims to deliver a first-rate newsletter for the reading of the International delegation and the Secretariat and for a better coverage of the entire MUN the International Press has been inflated and now consists of 24 members inclusive of 3 photographers and 18 staff reporters placed with 3 Chiefs. The complete list is ready for release.”

#Announcement of the complete Executive Board, Organizing Committee and Directors

Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan went on to announce the complete Executive Board, Organizing Committee and Directors for every Council along with the Committee Heads. “With the extremely hectic past three months culminating into this, this is my opportunity in various capacities to express our gratitude through this declaration”, said Mirza.

#Progress Briefing

On behalf of the entire Organizing committee, Gaurav Mendiratta concluded the conference stating “We are all set to conduct the biggest MUN in India and I personally promise all participants an enriching and unforgettable experience. The Executive Board and the visiting delegates shall face no problems with the accommodation and hospitality.”

The Press Conference ended with a group photo-session.

The updated list of the International Press, Executive Board is available on