When your favourite bike turns into a charger

CHENNAI: Inspiration can come from the smallest of things, and for 23-year old Amam Arun, it was the stress that a friend's parents underwent that sparked an idea in 2016.

Arun's friend had been unreachable BIKE TO for a couple of RESCU hours because her Arun with phone battery had Power run out. This led to anxiety at her home and set Arun thinking.

Pursuing his engineering at SRM University, Arun spent about 2 hours every day to find a solution to such issues which have become routine today. "Power bank sources energy from a battery. I wanted to utilize an existing source of power that can be used to power devices," said Arun. After burning 4-5 circuits and his hands, Arun developed a crude device that would source power from the ignition of a two wheeler to charge a phone which he called Power Aid. Completing projects for friends and doing other odd jobs, Arun managed to collect funds for his `Power Aid' experiments.

Power Aid is a small device that can be easily affixed to a two wheeler and uses a patent pending technology to channelize the power generated when the bike is on the ignition to charge phones. Cyclone Vardah proved to be the ideal testing ground for the product. When most suffered from power cuts, several of Arun's friends used his device to power their phones and houses. Being water proof, the device worked even under tough weather conditions.

When Arun approached investors in October 2016, they asked him to work on the product and present it in a refined manner. With J Govindaraj of Plutus InvestmentAdvisory Services, Arun worked on the product and understood the market. In December 2016, Govindaraj invested `50 lakhs to help him launch the product in the market. "10-12 crore vehicles run on the roadstoday.. Over 6 lakh autos are sold every year. I've seen the passion and drive of Arun and we are sure that Power Aid will find good adoption in India," said Govindaraj.