Welcome to MFM-9

MFM-9 is the ninth in a series of revolutionary materials and device research forums. It follows the previous eight meetings held in Pucon Chile, Bariloche Argentina, Huatulco Mexico, Copper Canyon Mexico, Kodiak Island, Gamboa Panama and Itamumbuca, Brazil.

The goal of this meeting, which is the ninth in a series of pioneering material and device research forums, is to promote interaction among leading groups around the world in the emerging field of multifunctional electronic materials. Through targeted invitations and a time-tested format that promotes discussion, the workshop will explore cutting-edge ideas, discover new synergies, and enable international collaboration for the advancement of multifunctional oxide materials and devices. Current research and technologies that have enormous potential on this new effort will be presented. The workshop will enable interaction between industry, government, and academia to address the current issues, current research, and future approaches to multifunctional materials technology.

Multifunctional materials have an enormous potential impact to enable new device functionalities through coupling of material properties, as well as increasing current technology performance, reliability and flexibility, while decreasing cost, size, and power. Potential applications include tuneable passive elements, tuneable sensors, multifunctional photonic/electronic elements, spin electronics, quantum devices, etc. Multifunctional oxide materials promise novel and flexible device designs that incorporate ferro-electric, piezo-electric, magneto-electric, superconducting, semi-magnetic and non-linear optical functions. Major challenges in realizing the potential of multifunctional oxide systems include understanding property coupling, the controlled growth of materials and design of hetero-structures to enable effective and tuneable coupling, and device design and manufacturability to realize the potential of these materials in both military and civilian applications.

As mentioned, the applications of multifunctional materials expand from energetics to tissue engineering. Naval machinery greatly depend on modern day technologies such as Global Positioning Systems, missile guidance systems, smart torpedo firing, MEMs based torpedo arming and disarming etc. All of these systems depend on either directly or indirectly on sophisticated micro and nano-electronic systems. Each of these electrical and electronic systems is being updated every day in order to make them smarter by introducing multiple functionalities in to the same material. In other words, the development of multifunctional electronic systems is the ground reality behind current modern day technologies. Moreover, multifunctional materials in the field of medicine are helping soldier and civilians alike to recover from ailments and providing alternate treatment technologies.

The surface coatings being provided using multifunctional materials have the potential to act not only as anti-rusting agents, but can both purify air/water and generate electricity at the same time. This conference brings together some of the brightest minds across the globe to discuss and brainstorm over the possibilities of new research areas and solutions to current problems. This conference will give select individuals across the globe access to un-published data currently being research upon at multiple other institutes and hence provide opportunities for collaborative research projects.

This workshop will challenge participants to generate innovative ideas for the synthesis of oxide materials and engineered oxide hetero-structures, the coupling of functional oxide properties, next-generation applications for the engineered materials, and manufacturability and device design to utilize coupled oxide properties in next-generation multifunctional systems. Through the unifying theme of functional oxides, the workshop will bring together communities that do not ordinary interact in national and international conferences.