Inviting for Support

SRM University has been pioneering many initiatives in Higher education, especially technical education, since it became a university in 2002.

Internationalism is strongly embedded in SRM’s ideology and objectives, as globalization has come to stay and the graduates of the future have to be adaptable to the needs and requirements of a global employee base.

SRM’s international strategy is embedded in the following ways:

1.  International Advisory Board

SRM University’s International Advisory Board (IAB) is actively involved in building a stronger international dimension - in curriculum, research and teaching methodology - by bringing students and faculty from well-known universities overseas.

2. Panel of Foreign Faculty

SRM has been receiving foreign faculty as visiting faculty on sabbatical or on full time. Over the next three years, SRM University plans to increase the Indian faculty to international visiting faculty in the ratio of 60:40

3. Strategic Alliances

SRM has more than 80 strategic alliances. The alliances seek opportunities where the skills and expertise of the organizations can be beneficially combined in relation to the following areas - common research projects, training and developing community based health care interventions, workshops and student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs etc.

4. Student Mobility Programs and Twinning Arrangements

This is done to enable the students to get an international exposure while they are still studying. SRM University works closely with leading universities around the world to offer an affordable way of getting an internationally recognized qualification. These can take the form of (i) Twining (Transfer) Degree overseas (ii) Dual Degree overseas (iii) Semester Abroad Program (SAP). The SAP program in particular is very popular with the students and the arrangement is in place with over 70 world class universities across the globe, including MIT, University of California, Warwick University, National University of Singapore, Kyutech, University of Auckland. After studying one semester at the foreign University the students will return to continue their studies and earn their degree at the SRM University. So far over 350 students have studied in foreign Universities under the 'Semester Abroad Program' since 2008.