Semester Abroad Program:


SRM University is recognized across the country for its high standards of education, exciting opportunities and excellent placement. To maintain its top position, the University is spearheading with Semester Abroad Program (SAP), a unique initiative providing its students an international exposure and global opportunities. This, we believe, is the first of its kind in India.

Under the Semester Abroad Program the students are allowed to take-up a few courses and /or  a Major project in reputed foreign universities for ONE semester. The credits earned in the foreign university through the SAP will be translated into SRM credits, by an approved conversion procedure, and taken for consideration for the award of the degree by SRM University. After the study period at a foreign university the students return to SRM University to continue with the degree program for which they were enrolled, and after fulfilling all the necessary conditions laid out in the regulations of SRM University, the student will become eligible for the award of the degree.

The benefits derived from SAP

  • Provides an unique opportunity to gain international learning and living experience
  • Brighten the career opportunities both in India and Overseas
  • Get an opportunity to work with eminent professors of the universities and upon proving their mettle stand a good chance of getting direct admission to subsequent higher studies in that university or in other universities.
  • Get an opportunity to work in cross-cultural, multi-national environment.
  • Acquire or improve self-confidence and independency
  • Fulfills one’s life time ambition to stay ahead at the top

Who can apply ?

The students who are doing their Bachelors degree as well as the Masters degree in any faculty of SRM University are eligible to enroll in SAP, provided they satisfy certain mandatory requirements laid out by the university.

The requirements are laid out considering the entry requirements of the foreign universities, high standards and competency the students are expected to encounter at the host university, the necessity to build brand image and reputation of SRM and to ensure the students have the right attitude, grit and determination to pursue his/her studies without any psychological and for academic stress. Some of the criteria are quantitative and some are subjective.

It is also emphasized that the students should have a minimum knowledge level in their chosen field of specialization to pursue SAP and therefore the students are encouraged to enroll in the SAP only after studying two full years of study at the undergraduate program or one full year of study at Masters Level.

Minimum requirements


  • The student should have secured CGPA of not less than 8.0 upto the last semester for which the results are declared and available.
  • The students should not have any standing arrears as on the date of submission of application for SAP. The status of arrear will be considered based on the official data available with the university and consideration will not be given on the presumption that the status of the student is bound to change in future.
  • Should have completed two full years in undergraduate or one full year in masters program.


  • Undergone additional training, apart from that offered in SRM, in the language of the country the student proposes to do the SAP.
  • Have a valid passport at the time of interview for SAP by SRM.
  • Have a good score in TOEFL, SAT, IELTS etc.

Selection Criteria and Procedure:

1. It is a  transparent process giving adequate consideration to:

  • Academic performance
  • Ambition and excitement level
  • Communication skills
  • Family financial background to support
  • Above all the recommendation of the department concerned

2. An information session will be held in February and July every year in all campuses

3. After the information session the interested students should register with OIR in the prescribed format with all supporting documents, before the deadline date.

4. A one-to-one counseling session will be held to all registered students by a committee consisting of the Dean, Office of the International Relations, faculty Director / Associate Director, Director (Research) and the Head of the Department.

5. The shortlisted students should submit 2 undertakings – one by the student and the other by the parent – and proceed with all the academic and non-academic requirements of SRM and the host university

6. A separate one-to-one interview will be held for awarding few scholarships to select prestigious universities like MIT, Cornel, etc.





Registration with OIR

January  to till the interview date

July to till the interview date

Interview by SRM committee

End February

End August

Announcement of shortlisted names


Mid September

Last date for withdrawal

15 days from the date of announcement of shortlisted names

15 days from the date of announcement of shortlisted names

Last date for applying to foreign university

As per the dead lines of the foreign university – tentatively 15th May

As per the dead lines of the foreign university – tentatively 15th October

Expected admission letter

Mid -July

First week of December

Leave SRM

From 15th August

From first week of January