Google Student Ambassadors of SRM University

Mohit Agarwal and Swathi Sridharan, fourth year students of Mechanical and Software Engineering respectively, got selected as Google Student Ambassadors from SRM University for the year 2013. It is an initiative from Google to evangelize the needs and benefits of Internet in empowering individuals in different spheres of life. The program aims at spreading basic knowledge about various Google Products and at the same time encourage mass participation through various events in and around the college campus to impart this knowledge in an enjoyable way, accompanied by gifts and certificates for outstanding performances. The program gives the Student Ambassadors access to various resources for events as well as for their personal benefit. The Program also embarks upon the creation of a Google Student Community in the respective campuses, headed by various Core Team leaders. The Selection Process of the Google Student Ambassador Program tested many skills required to become a symbol of learning in the campus and a Brand Ambassador of Google products, thus, contributing in Google’s outreach program. 

Mohit Agarwal, Google Student Ambassador, SRM University is a final year Mechanical Engineering student. He has been active and has involved himself in various projects of international and national levels. He is also a HR Coordinator for a national level NGO,Bhumi. Besides, he has been organizing events in the National Level Technical Fest of our University - “Aaruush” in various occasions. He is also associated with various international bodies like SAE and AIAA. On being elected as a GSA his prime goal is to preach Google ethics and products to all the students and at the same time develop a framework that would lead to a fully operational Google Club in the University. His man-management and Multi- Tasking and Interpersonal skills are the key contributors to his selection as a Google Student Ambassador. The Program over a span of 1 year would witness the GSA organizing various events of learning in the most Googley way possible. 

Swathi Sridharan, Google Student Ambassador, SRM University is a final year Software Engineering student. She is a voracious learner and a passionate tech enthusiast. The key skills that led her to be selected as a GSA are her ability to communicate well, her multifarious interests and achievements, along with a lively ability in carrying out any activity that is given to her. She represented SRM University at the Google India Community Summit held at Goa from August 1-4, 2013. She was a youth ambassador from India to visit Japan on Kizuna Project in March 2013, setting herself apart as one among the prestigious group of 127 students from India who was selected for this purpose. She is a skilled table tennis player and has brought laurels to her school and University at various occasions. As a GSA, she aims to head the Google Students Club along with her fellow GSA and lead them to great success by conducting multiple activities and events on campus and imparting knowledge efficiently and entertainingly.