About Conference

Scientific Program

The Program will include plenary lectures, Invited Talks and Poster sessions focusing on recent advances in the following areas. 

  • Ayurveda Research for Radiation Protection

  • Cancer Epidemiology

  • Cytogenetic and molecular markers of radiation damage

  • DNA Repair & Bystander effects of radiation

  • Environmental Monitoring for Radiation Risk Assessment

  • Gene Regulation and Epigenetics

  • Health effects of non-ionizing radiation

  • Imaging in Radiation Oncology &Radiotherapy

  • Industry/academic collaborations- the ins and outs

  • Interaction of radiation with biological systems

  • Nanotechnology in radiation & cancer research

  • Phyto compounds &Nutraceuticals for radiation

  • Radiation & Immune Biology

  • Radiation Biomarkers & Biological Dosimetry

  • Radiation Effects on Biodiversity

  • Radiation effects on population and risk assessment

  • Radiation Induced Signal Transduction Pathways & Apoptosis

  • Radiation physics- measurement, protection & mitigation

  • Radiation Sciences for Environment & Agriculture

  • Radiation Sensitizers & Countermeasures for radiation exposure

  • Role of molecular markers in radiation therapy

  • Space Radiobiology

  • Stem cells in cancer research/ therapy

  • Traditional Medicine in Cancer Management