The International Conference on Radiation Biology (ICRB 2016) and 13th  Biennial Meeting of the Indian Society is being organized, under the auspices of Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB) by the Center for Environmental Nuclear Research (CENR) at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai (INDIA) from 9 November 2016 - 11 November 2016. The theme of ICRB 2016 is "High LET Radiation Biology and Complex Natural Products in Biology and Medicine".

The conference would encourage radiation biologists, medical physicists, nuclear medicine physicians,radio-ecologists and radiation safety as well as those who are engaged in pursuits of improving health and quality of life to attend this conference, present their research and share their professional experience. The conference will be held in an ambience to exchange ideas, discuss the latest research and explore new avenues for technological development and collaborations. The conference would offer great opportunities not only to share research findings but also to establish new and strengthen existing collaborations in an informal but inspiring setting. Efforts would be made especially to encourage young investigators and scholars to participate in keeping with the main objective of the conference as to promote further education and research on radiation and their applications in diverse fields. 

The venue of the conference, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University), formerly SRM Institute of Science and Technology, is a co-educational private university in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Organizing Committee would make every endeavor to make "ICRB-2016" a conference rich in scientific contents and provide memorable cultural and social events. You should not miss to take advantage of this wonderful location with your near and dear ones and enjoy the science and hospitality.

The highlight of the conference is a session led by experts from International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) (http://www.icrp.org/icrp_group.asp?id=7) Committee-1 followed by a panel discussion on Nov. 11th 2016. The next exiting event is the 16th International workshop on Ion Beam in Biology and Medicine (IBIBAM-2016) (http://mysrm.srmuniv.ac.in/ibibam) organized in association with The European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy, The European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland and Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. The theme of the workshop is Translational Aspects of Physics, biology and clinical Perspectives on Nov 12th, 2016 and Clinical and Treatment Planning challenges in disease sites on Nov 13th, 2016. The local organizing committee looks forward to the opportunity to welcome delegates to an intellectually stimulating and socially memorable event. Please keep reviewing the descriptions on the website, which is being updated from time to time. If you have any questions about the Conference/workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your presence at this Conference is important to us. We look forward to seeing you in Chennai.

The Selected proffered Papers will be accepted for Publication in the Following Journals.

The Guidelines for the preparation of Full Paper will be Updated at the earliest.