Overview About SRM Institute of Science and Technology 
SRM Institute of Science and Technology is one of the top ranking universities in India with over 38000 students and more than 2600 faculty across all the campuses offering a wide range of undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral programmes in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Health Sciences and Science and Humanities. The Institute offers B.Tech. (Nanotechnology), M.Tech. (Nanotechnology), B.Sc, (Physics), M.Sc.(Physics) & Ph.D. Programs through the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology. The major research areas of the Department include Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured materials, Nanomagnetism, Molecular Nanoelectronics, Nanosensors and Nanophotonics.

About Shizuoka University
The university was founded on May 31, 1949 as an incorporation of several local educational institutions Shizuoka High School, Shizuoka Teacher Training Institutes I & II, a Young TeacherTraining Institute, and Hamamatsu College of Technology.Shizuoka University's Hamamatsu Campus is situated amid the urban environment of Hamamatsu City, a major center of manufacturing technology. The campus boasts a complete range of facilities for the discovery, development and propagation of the technologies of tomorrow. 

About National Chiao Tung University

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) is one of Taiwan's leading public research universities located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. NCTU was established in Hsinchu by former Chiao Tung University faculty and alumni members in 1958.

About GNS

GNS Science, New Zealand focuses on Geological resources,environmental and industrial isotopes and natural hazards. It applies this knowledge from the atomic to planetary scale to create wealth, to protect the environment and to safety of the people. It engages the full spectrum of science from basic research through technology transfer, product development and consultancy.

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