Patent Filed:

  1. Casino Phospho Peptides –"A novel production method of CPP (Casein Phospho Peptides)" filed with DePenning&DePenning, India's No.1 patent agent (2826/CHE/2011) Dr. Kantha D. Arunachalam.

Patents under Processing:

  1. Biocaulk Production process  
    Product Patent - Dr. Kantha D. Arunachalam, Mr. Sathesh Kumar & Dr. K.S. Sathayanarayanan
  2. Designing of Bio column for Biocaulk Production
    Processing Equipment - Dr. Kantha D. Arunachalam and Mr. Sathesh Kumar
  3. Saponin – Extract from MemecylonEdule callus
    Product Patent - Ms. TamizhamuduEzhavalagan and Dr. Kantha D. Arunachalam