Areas of Research

CENR’s research focus is to deliver innovative solutions and technologies for the assessment, remediation, and management of contaminated urban, industrial and Uranium mine sites in India and the sustainable management of wastes for beneficial use. To achieve this goal, CENR brings together an interdisciplinary approach for solving real-world environmental problems and its health effect.

Radiation Biology & Toxicology

  • Toxicology of Radionuclides & Heavy Metals
  • Effects of Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiation
  • Site Specific Simulation Studies
  • Radionuclides Uptake and Kinetics

 Environmental Monitoring & Assessment

  • Environmental Monitoring of Radionuclides & Heavy Metals
  • Dose Computation & Risk Assessment
  • Radionuclide Dispersion Modelling
  • Transfer and Transport of Radionuclides
  • Phytoremediation of Radionuclides/Heavy Metals

Radiation Protection & Nutrition Immunology

  • Probiotics for Human Nutrition & Health
  • Fermented Milk Peptides for Radioprotection
  • Supplement for Low dose Radiation Workers
  • Herbal Supplements / Phyto compounds for Genotoxicity

Cancer Prevention & Management

  • Epidemiological Surveys Around Nuclear Facilities
  • Demographic Surveys in High Background Radiation Areas
  • Dietary Intake & Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Identification of Novel Drug Target


  • Green Nano Scaffolds for diabetic Ulcer
  • Nano Sol Gels for Radiation Burns and Wounds
  • Nano Composites for Radiation Compensating Building
  • Nano Carbon Enhanced Biocement for concrete fractures and fissure
  • Nano Remediation of Radionuclides / Heavy Metals