About Us

Center for Environmental Nuclear Research (CENR), radiates an undying pursuit for knowledge in the form of research, which comprising a plethora of laboratories, the CENR, located on the fourth floor of the University Building, is a host to path - breaking research in many areas. The Center was established in 2009 with grants from the Department of Atomic Energy, Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS), Mumbai and with the extensive support from Directorate of Research, SRM Institute of Science and Technology. CENR‘s goal is to become a recognized leader in environmental nuclear research, which conducts research needed to address national environmental contaminant issues and effects of habitat alterations on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems for better understanding of the environment and to cultivate leaders to address the ecological challenges of the 21st century by integrating scientific disciplines to address complex environmental issues.

CENR offers research, advisory, and consultancy services to a range of end-users, including industry, government agencies and community organizations. We seek collaborative partnerships with National and International researchers from environmental science and public community, industries, academic and all tiers of government sectors. The CENR takes a collaborative, systems-level approach to environmental research to develop insights and expertise related to improving and sustaining the quality of the environment. CENR also draws on the research expertise of leading national and international researchers across the biological sciences, Radiochemistry, Civil engineering, Nanotechnology, Mathematical Sciences. This Interdisciplinary approach allows the center to combine an understanding of ecosystem dynamics and restoration, environmental and climate change, engineering innovation, and legal-societal frameworks.