MILAN’15 National Level Cultural Festival



“Chimerical without your presence, will be the festival time..
Indomitable mirth, shall flow all over, otherwise..
Indelible, for sure , will be the mark of joy, you’ll leave behind..
Inexplicable: in awe: we’ll look forward to your presence even the next time.”

Evidently so, these lines might appear cheesy enough in a go, but without any vestiges of doubt, these aim not to “pay lip-service”  but to simply though extensively adhere to the level of the burgeoning charm of your presence.

Bringing to your cognizance the purpose of this fest and to enlighten you with the intricacy gradually, we’d like to Initiate your journey to our upcoming world,in brief.

Milan’15-the cultural fest of SRM University won’t be a festival this year ,but an all new universe comprising of a thousands of galaxies and billions of stars with ‘life’ impregnated in all of them, which will shine in unison, will be born on 28th January ,and will run parallel to “reality”, I.E, never meeting it, till the 1st of February. Grandiloquency, which this might appear to be at this instant, but anon, will those moments spring into life that no possible language.

Could possibly comprehend, obviously excluding the language of ‘Speechlessness’. With the entire arena doped with the extra-valent elements of mesmerizing-music, appeasing-art, dolichocephalic-skulled debates, flabbergasting-fashion, distinguishable-dancing and all the alliterated-ajectivated-amazements, our element of Milan’15 will be excited to its highest energy levels in the electric-charm-currents of your awaited presence.

Alighting from this utopia to some real information and swooping your brain from the construe of “all that glitters aint gold” ,only if it had perceived one hitherto, to the theory of “sometimes what glitters is hell-yeah gold”,we wd like to mention the “100-factor” thing of Milan’15:

** Foremost ,in this vicissitudinous, experimenting world, comes the fact that milan’15 will be a continuous 100-hour event, leaving life an aopting indolence not for a second in the light of dawn, sight of dusk and in the might of the late nights.

  • Over 100 wholesome events will be held during this entire time period, including all fields of possible talents and personifying culture.
  • 100+ colleges from all over India, along with their talented youth will be a part of it.
  • Last, but abiding all possibilities of being the least,Milan’15 will be eternal in the atmosphere for a !00 years-a century.

Call it a “bad-joke,well cracked” and we’ll call it a felicitous pun. Avaricious only for exuberance, we, hereby, invite you to be a part of our “coming-soon-universe-milan’15” and to define charm to its congenital elegance.

To let go all your burdens and refraining straps, except for the strap of enjoyment by which you’ll be bonded to our universe for a while, and, To experience with us, running parallel to reality !!


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