Placement News 2015-2016


SRM University sets ​a new placement record on Day-one with top four IT companies offering jobs to 6064 students. Speaking on the occasion on placement results, Dr. Paarivendhar, Founder Chancellor, said that this the first time SRM shared the slot 1 with four companies – Cognizant, Infosys, TCS and Wipro. Such sharing helps the students to make their own choice of the company with multiple offers in hand.

The highest offer was from Wipro 1641, followed by TCS 1611, Cognizant 1506 and Infosys 1306. This is the first time in India that four companies have offered 6064 jobs, hiring more than 1,300 students each from a single institution.  In the case of Wipro, it is its highest offer in a single institution.

The placement season for the current year 2015-16 started on a brisk in May, 2015 with more than 50 top notch core companies recruiting 621 students.  Some of the prominent recruiters included Goldman Sachs, Accenture, SAP, Philips, Amazon, GE, Dell, MuSigma, Think @ Learn, Amadeus, Flipkart, Fidelity, ThoughtWorks and HUL.

There was a clutch of super dream companies offering jaw dropping packages like D.E.Shaw India Rs. 18 lacs per annum, Amazon Rs. 16 lacs, Goldman Sachs Rs 14 lacs, and Amadeus Rs 8 lacs. Think @ Learn, System Insights Rs. 7 lacs, and ThoughtWorks Rs 6.8 lacs; Dell, GE, and Flipkart were at Rs. 6 lacs.

This year, yet another record being set with 375 companies across the sectors automobile, power, electronics, telecommunication, construction,  health care, consumer products, and financial services. The placement destinations included both India and overseas, giving students a wide choice to realize their dream career.

“We owe a great sense of gratitude to the many companies that have reposed their trust in the quality of our students”, said Dr Prabir Bagchi, Vice Chancellor, SRM University. Placement is a complex process, matching the needs of industry with the skills and competencies of the students. “It is also a dynamic and exciting process, filled with myriad options, to help students to step into the future to make an impact”, Professor Bagchi congratulated the faculty and students for helping to make placement a success year after year.


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