Verbal Aptitude

Ability to understand and reason out texts using concepts

"Language is the most readily available tool we have for representing the world to ourselves and ourselves to the world. Language is not only a means of communication; it is a primary instrument of thought, a defining feature of culture, and an unmistakable mark of personal identity."

The Curriculum caters to aspirants of placements and higher studies :

  • Develops constructive thinking skills underlying verbal logic

  • Enriches vocabulary

  • Equips with speed reading comprehension and critical reasoning abilities

  • Strengthens grammar and improves linguistic proficiency

  • Facilitates wholesome training to consummate verbal intelligence

  • Builds confidence to face competitive examinations for jobs ( Govt., Banking, Civil Services, Private etc.,) and higher studies  

Teaching-learning feature :  

  • Works sheets of various difficulty levels

  • Exercises that encompass diverse test patterns

Tech Talk:

  • Presentation of a technical topic on the selective core area of interest   (Assessment sheet to be displayed)

  • Develops confidence and stage presence

  • Improves professional attributes such aspresentation skills, time management, positive body language

  • Provides scope for profound sharing of technical knowledge with peers

  • Enhances questioning skills of peers and responding abilities of the presenters

Impromptu Speech:

  • Presenting on the spot topic (General / Concrete/ Abstract)

  • Tests general awareness and creative thinking

  • Enhances confidence

  • Explores public speaking abilities

  • Brings out creative thinking

Curriculum vitae:

  • A concise and relevant winning career profile of self in text form

  • Analyzes one self.

  • Projects one's personality positively.

  • Increases focus in career path.

Group Discussion:

  • A comprehensive evaluation tool to assess one's team spirit and communication skills in a group

  • Enhances assertiveness.

  • Broader understanding of the current happenings.

  • Develops Critical Reasoning Skills.

  • Evaluates group behavior

Mock Interview: - Assessment sheet to be inserted

  • A structured interview in a formal ambience (HR and Technical rounds)that is comprehensively evaluated with constructive feedback

  • Assesses one's existing skills (viz- communication and clarity of ideas, career goals )

  • Provides opportunities to focus on areas which need improvement

  • Builds confidence to face one on one and panel interviews


Every activity specified above is evaluated with defined parameters. The evaluation sheets are given below:



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