Asia-Oceania Sonochemical Society

Asia-Oceania Sonochemical Society was established in 2013. The first meeting of AOSS was held in Melbourne in 2013 and the second meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. On behalf of the AOSS Board, I sincerely welcome your participation at AOSS-3, to be held at SRM University, Chennai, India


Ultrasound is used as an initiator of chemical and physical transformations of materials and has emerged as a potential technology over the past few decades. The physical and chemical effects of ultrasound have been widely used for various applications, namely, cleaning, degradation of toxic pollutants, synthesis of nano-materials, degassing, polymerization, emulsification, drilling, cutting, flow measurements, imaging, biomedical, automotive, food preservation, drug delivery and dairy industries. AOSS-3 aims to provide a forum for the presentation of advances, developments and new findings concerning ultrasound. The main goal of AOSS-3 conference is to provide an overview on recent developments as well as future perspectives on ultrasonics and sonochemistry research.

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

The SRM (Sri Ramaswamy Memorial) University is located in southern part of India and one of the highly reputed private Universities in India. The University has a strong vision to emerge as a world class University in creating and disseminating knowledge and providing students a unique learning and research experience in science, technology, medicine, management, law and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the world for the betterment of mankind. To advance knowledge in a rigorous research environment is one of the noble missions